Before any future cooperation, we are at your disposal free advice and consultations related to: Explanation of the procedure, Selection of technical solution, assistance with the terms of reference, information regarding legal obligations, experience from similar investments.

All projects are made by licensed engineers (projects – members of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers) with many years of experience.

The projects we make are done in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, modern technological and aesthetic tendencies, which as a final product offers proper technical documentation and customer satisfaction.

  • Conceptual solutions
  • Preliminary projects
  • Building permit projects
  • Execution projects
  • Projects of constructed facilities

Mandatory content depends on the category of the object and may consist of the following attachments:

  • The main notebook
  • Architecture project
  • Construction project
  • Hydrotechnical installations project
  • Power installation project (high current)
  • Telecommunication and signal installation project (low current)
  • Machine installation project
  • Cadastral topographic basis (geodetic survey of the location)
  • Excerpt from the project
  • Technical control of the project for the building permit
  • Geotechnical research study
  • Energy efficiency study
  • Fire protection study
  • Fire protection project
  • Project of stable fire alarm installations…